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Very Passionate lady

Judith Glory M., ESSEC business school MBA, is a dynamic and passionate entrepreneur, author, speaker, and coach who loves to help women in their career and business,  be their best version ever – Let’s Bring out all the glory in You! – As she regularly says in her workshops and seminars.


entrepreneur at heart

In her early years as an entrepreneur, Judith won a prestigious award of  Mandessi Bell Foundation for young entrepreneurs in Cameroon.

After her immigration to Canada in 2011, Judith followed an entrepreneurship program with McGill University.
Even though still a newcomer, in 2012 Judith re-ignited her entrepreneurship dreams and once again successfully launched a Web Marketing company.She is actively involved to help start-ups with organizations such as local chamber of commerce, Femmessor,  YesMontreal and various other organizations where she volunteers as Mentor or business coach.


she loves writing

Perfectly bilingual, Judith Glory is the author of an upcoming book in French, where she let the woman in her go through the ups and downs of heartbreaks. This project aims to help women think and reflect on what they can do or put in place so as not to be defined by their emotions or be the victims of their heart.

She is also working on a new book project in English, to help prospective or young entrepreneurs, start right; not to disappear after few months, but to blossom and thrive after their start.



Judith Glory has not only known victories and successes. No! She knows what it means to lack food or to sleep on a cold floor because of having no bed.

She knows what it means to have a dream job and lose it the next day.

She know what it means to fail, she has had a fair share of failures but has joyfully learned to fail forward each time.


dedicated to help you glow

As a happy mother, she knows the daily juggles of working moms to make it work with job & family. She has experienced the guilt feeling, some mothers have when comes the time to leave a small baby to daycare because of work.
She also knows the hesitations women have with regards to job transition or quit a job to start our own business.

Judith has this huge burden in her heart to give her all to motivate and help women tap into their potential, go for their dreams and achieve their career or business goals.
If you have ideas or initiatives in this line, please connect and share.