Holidays’ season: Pain or play?


“I love this season of the year, there is so much love being shared. The lights, the good mood, it just looks like all around the world, there is an ambiance of love flowing around…”



“Are you serious Anna? You do enjoy this season of the year for real? I dread this time of the year. Sure, the lights, ambiance, and merriness in the air cannot be missed; but to me, the stress attached to this season outweighs the goods.

I have a large family you know. Just getting gifts for everyone is financial, physical and emotional stress. After you have found a way to manage to get something, you might face the dissatisfaction of the recipients.

And all the cooking that is made just be thrown in the trash in just a few hours after…

So many receptions to prepare or attend. I simply do not understand why this is called vacation, because I generally have less sleep than I have on working days.”



“Hey J. you are not going to continue in this line, spoiling the magic of this time of the year, wailing on the million things you must do. I can bet there is some good in it, that you might just be overlooking or not taking into consideration.

Is there anything during this time of the year when you smile, laugh or are happy?

During those receptions, don’t you have any good time?

What about the time, you kids receive their gifts…?”



“O sure yes, I love it when they wake up in the morning and rush under the x=Christmas three, the smile on their face when they find something they like or the shout they give you such as “ you are the most wonderful mum on the earth…”, this is a great time I enjoy .”



“Cool, that is one moment during the season that makes it worth it. During the reception, do you have the opportunity to dance and have fun? I know you use to enjoy parties and are a very good dancer …”



I still enjoy having a good time dancing, you know I always enjoy my Zumba class and at times during this season, you may bump into a party where I can dance just as much as when I was younger…Yeah, sometimes…



You see Jennifer, if we continue in this line, we will surely find many more things that make this time of the year, magic, worth enjoying and something not to miss. Maybe you find it heavy because of the fact you just keep your eyes on the harder parts of the deal. Maybe it is time to choose to look for, focus on o dwell on the good in all situation



Just like Anna and Jennifer, this holiday season may seem hard or magic depending on the portion of the cup you choose to keep your eyes on, the half-full or the half-empty.
The degree to which you enjoy the moment, the season, each moment of your life is influenced by the outlook YOU have of the situation.

As we take time with our families this time of the year, my invitation to you is to choose to look at the glass half-full.

This time of the year is a good opportunity to enjoy the blessings of good relationships. Call that friend, sister or relative that you have been thinking about. Why not even share a meal with them? Research on positive psychology shows that having a lot of such good times, contribute to a flourishing life.

You have no friends, family or relatives, check your local holidays’ activities, there are tons of opportunities for you to meet people and make new friends.

Please do not stay alone, reach out and connect with other people.

Just as you choose to look for, focus on or dwell on the good things you can be, do or have on this holidays season, I also invite you to make time to count your blessings, list all the good things that happened in 2019, be thankful to God, yourself and people who made it possible.

Choose to dwell in a place of gratitude where you acknowledge the good in your life and cultivate more of the actions yielding that good.

If you need a tool to help you list the good in all situations, check this worksheet.


If you already know how privileged and blessed you are but need some guidance for gratitude practice, check this gratitude journal that will guide you on how to build a gratitude habit


Happy holiday’s season


With much love,


Judith glory


“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.
Melodie Beattie

Gratitude vs stress

Hello, people, it’s your girl Judith here.

Last week I introduced you to Jenifer, that I may refer to as Jen, who never suspected that the level of stress in her life could cause physical in on her body. But these last months, stress had become a normal component of her reality.

A few years back, Jenifer was a joyful,  passionate, and hard working woman. But down the road, she took on herself a lot of stress and didn’t make sure to find some activities that would help her channel out the bad stuff and therefore keep some balance in her life.

As a consequence, her blood pressure has taken a considerable toll on the health status of Jen. She is now on medication for the following:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Anti-depressants
  • Increased weight
  • High blood pressure
  • Migraines
  • Pills to ease the starting ulcer
  • …and some more.


Too much of this unhandled stress caused the overall health of Jen to be rated as poor. As wesaw in last’s weekarticle, Jenifer has decided in order not to finish like her father who died of Hypertension, to take a full year, No stress.

For the next twelve months, Jen would prioritize her activities whether at home, at work, with the family or even with friends, the most important criteria to be used to select the activities to do would be those activities that caused her stress, would simply be removed from her to-do-list.

Jenifer wants to stay alive, happy, and free of stress and its consequences on her health.

For this for the first month, Jenifer has chosen to start with gratitude, because she has noticed that whenever she makes time to list the good things happening in her life and simply being grateful for it. , she felt happy, and the night she did this before sleeping, she was able to easily fall asleep without the need for sleeping pills she usually takes to be ready to fall asleep.

I want to take some time here to go in much more details of what Jane is doing.

30 minutes gratitude daily

So each day, Jenifer has set apart 30 minutes for her 30 days gratitude challenge.

During this time, these are the activities Jen would be doing in the 30 minutes:

  • List three to five things she is grateful for
  • Then she will write each of these down making sure she is specific enough about why she is thankful for each item, chain least five to seven things that have happened to the previous day or during that very day.
  • In positive psychology, it is crucial to be specific /detailed about the activity, the process or the behavior for which we are grateful for
  • This is because knowing exactly what we are thankful for; it is much easier for us to repeat the good action


In positive psychology, this is one of the points that are important to take into consideration to be clear about why because being clear about why allows us to repeat the behavior.

This is also why in general in positive psychology, it is encouraged to be specific when appreciating kids or when appreciating employees because when they know clearly the behavior that causes them to receive appreciations, they can more easily reproduce that behavior.


So in her challenge, Jennifer takes time to list the things – events – activities –  for which she is grateful for then she clearly states why she is grateful for that specific event or thing that happened to her.


Another outstanding thing Jenifer does in her gratitude time is that for each item on her list, she will rethink about that positive activity.

Taking time to re-live that positive experience will also bring with him positive emotions.

The positives emotions will continue to create joy and peace in the heart of Jen, and as a consequence, will reduce the level of stress in the life of Jenifer.


So far in the 30 days challenge, Jen has been able to go seven days without the need for pills to sleep. Her blood pressure has not changed much, still very high.; but to see that gratitude could help her go a full 30 days without pills. Even if just for this advantage, the 30 days gratitude is all worth it.

Any advice helping Jenifer to continue in her journey and ultimately reclaim back her health?

Intesrested in taking a plunge into gratitude like Jenifer?

Check this practice from the Greater Good science center:

I absolutely love it because:

  • It is easy to do
  • It takes only about 10 minutes to complete
  • But it can transform your day, your relationships at home at work
  • …Can even heal


If you doubt what this practice is that can achieve all of these, check the link below:


Please feel free to comment, to give your pieces of advice or simply encourage Jenifer in her 30-day gratitude challenge or even the overall journey of one-year-no-stress, please do, and your inputs will be highly appreciated.


Take care, and be good. 

With much love, 

Judith Glory



One Year No Stress…

By Judith Glory

« It started just like a simple cold… 

Normal during Canadian winter time.

I did not bother much knowing that after about 7 days, it would be over.

However, it was curious to notice that only in the last 12 months, I suffered cold issues more than all the other years added together, since I started experiencing this side effect of the beautiful snow period.


A few weeks later, I had to consult my doctor for a sleeping disorder issue.

The diagnostic revealed there was more than just too much caffeine.

–         High blood pressure

–         Throat troubles,

–         A starting ulcer

–         Some skin reactions that I attributed to the very dry winter

–         Digestive troubles

–         Increased weight gain


With all these elements suspected by my doctor, I wondered, if it was just about prescribing the maximum amount of medicine or if I really suffered all of these.

Further testing and diagnosis data proved the doctor right. 

How could it be that just three years back, I took NO drug, but now I had a full box of various medicine to be taken every day many times a day? 

To follow up the root cause of the weight gain aside from the usual eat less, exercise more, Thyroid and cortisol testing was carried out and this is where it was discovered that her Cortisol level were those of chronically stressed people….” 



This is the story of Jenifer, a passionate and productive professional who loves to achieve and perform; this race of perfectionists who want to be the best parents as well as the employee of the month and the go-to person everywhere she goes.

The kind of go-getters who will not stop at anything until the planned goal is met. 

Because of her lifestyle and all the pressure, she had to take on, Jenifer was under a huge amount for stress now for many years. 

Some people think that stress is a normal component in today’s life? What is your take on this? 

How come this “normal stress “could be causing real debilitating physical pains and syndromes to Jenifer. 

Jenifer continued to exercise as she used to., five-time or more jogging of forty-five minutes each week. she even increased the frequency, as sometimes she ran in the mornings and fast walked in the evenings. but at the next follow up with the doctor, her blood pressure was getting to alarming values. 

Jenifer then remembered that her father died a few years ago, was suffering from hypertension and was complaining of regular and very painful migraines.

This remark caused Jenifer to stop and think: What if she had only six months to live (she had almost the same things her father was complaining from few months prior to his death.), how would she love to spend her last days?

Did you know that stress, especially long-term stress can seriously affect your health?

The image below gives some information on the numerous ways how stress can literally bring you to the grave. 

Now, I do not want you to get stressed just reading this. No!


My aim here is to get you thinking about your situation: Are you stressed? If Yes, what are you intentionally doing to change this? 

As far as Jenifer is concerned, she decided to go on a ONE YEAR NO STRESS journey. 

For the first month, she chooses to start with a 30 days gratitude challenge. Jenifer had noticed that whenever she would journal and write down good things that happened to her, she was able to fall asleep without using sleeping pills she had been prescribed.

Jenifer thought that if I can reduce the number of time I take sleeping pills, and have 6 hours sleeps, this will be a sure way to recover and reduce stress in her life. 

For her gratitude challenge, everyday Jenifer would make time to:

  • List 3 – 7 things she is grateful for
  • For each item of her list, she will be specific on WHY she is grateful for that item.
  • She will think, remember and enjoy once more the positive emotions attached to the elements of her list.
  • Since Jenifer is a person of faith, she would also Thank God for each of her list items.


What do you think about this plan to reduce her stress level?

Any more recommendations to help Jenifer out of this chronic stress level?

What would you do, if you were in the shoes of Jenifer?


I wish and hope that you are not in chronic stress situation as Jenifer.  

To be sure you are safe, check your stress level using the two links below where you will have an idea on where you stand, with respect to your stress levels. You will also get and some tips and hints you can start to use now to avoid damaging your health. 




Take care, and be good. 


\With much love, 

Judith Glory

Welcome to this new episode of Glory4U, this podcast that is going to help get out the best version of you. It is all about you, it is all about helping you be aware of all the potential you have so that it can be pulled out, this podcast whose aim is for you is all about loving you more, to help you become more self-aware, know who you are and what you got as strengths, to grow and develop all the potential you have, simply put, to help get out all the glory in you.

Because here we believe that for you to be happy, for you to go from success and actually achieve significance you need to serve others.

So welcome to this other episode of Glory4U.

A little clarification before I continue, on that after the first batches of the programs, some of you found that the episode is sort of long, and a lot of material is covered. So looks like too many of you thought it is better to cut the different sections in different episodes.

So we will have more frequent episode but they will be shorter episodes as well, with a length which will be about 15 to 20 minutes maximum. But I can guarantee that with every episode there will be something for you to learn. And as always a worksheet made available for you to download and use. Because Glory4U is all about giving you tools and ways to apply into your life in Glory4U. We want you to move from just information in your head to information applied in your daily life. So welcome to this episode of Glory4U.


Today we will be talking about how do you react to failure? Deception or something of the sort that you have because of your own doing.

 Um, how do you love the topic? Well, we’ll look at how in general people react when there’s deception in their life and Some of the tools that psychology recommends as a better way to manage failure or deception.

In order to illustrate the topic, I will share some of a very recent experience of mine and as usual we will share some worksheets or some books that can really help for anyone interested in going further.

So without wasting more time, let’s dive right into the topic.


failforwardHow do you react to failure and deception?


Maybe before continuing, can you jot  down right now what you currently do, what is your process, activities or actions that you carry out to manage your deceptions.

? What do you do when you feel like things you planned do not go your way or you feel like you have failed, or you feel like you are not up to the standard or the up to what you wanted to achieve?

How do you personally react to that?


Continue to listen to this episode here.


Episode Title:
How do you react to failure?


Episode Description: 

How do you react when because of your choices, or errors, you fail to achieve a goal you had set?

In this episode we will look at the general ways we tend to react as human, then look at some tools that can be used to manage times of failures or setbacks in our life.


Books mentionned in this episode include :



Worksheets to help in this reflection made available at


Episode Summary:

Learn how to use positive psychology to manage your failures and setbacks.


Hello people it’s a girl Judith here.

You surely know or many of you know that I’m really interested I love creating courses

this is something that has been keeping me busy this last month and some of you especially authors,

you have written a book and then you want to turn it into an online course but it feels like woof it’s taking too much time

I got a lot of questions like “ which one are you using? kajabi think if we go teach a book so many of you are kind of you don’t know which platform to choose for your online course?

today I want to quickly kind of get you into thinking: why choose a platform instead of another.

I think it is great you first ask yourself why do I want to go with it instead of B or C. so in this very short video, I want to discuss about some requirements I think as an online course builder, you should take into consideration if you want to choose a platform that’s adequate for your project.

Ease of Use

First in order for the course to be created, the platform should ease the process for you. so many of you you are like I don’t even know where to start.

so if you want to choose a platform where you will put your online course, the minimum requirement should be that you be able to do it easily. so first the ease of use

Allows easy interactions with your students/learners.

I am all for people first, I am a people person, meaning technology, solutions, platforms and tools should allow us to meet as much as possible the need of our customers. It is for them, we want to reach them. Therefore if any tool we are considering does not favour or ease our interactions and connections with the people we are serving, I better get it our of my systems.

Because of this, it is relevant that the platform you choose eases the interactions you will have with your students. Your selected platform should be a platform that allows you to communicate easily with your students.

In case you already have another tool that handles the connectivity and engagement with your learners, check how easy your online course platform integrates with that engagement tool you already have.


Easy integration with other tools

Did I just mention the word integration? This is a very important point regarding the selection of your platform. In order to publish and sell your courses, there are these main tools that you need to have:

  1. Email marketing automation solutions
  2. Course creation tools
  3. Course hosting platforms
  4. Landing Page creation tool
  5. Payment solution
  6. Marketing solutions for the sale of your course.

Since the course platform is part of a bigger system, it is wise to ensure before selecting one platform to ensure our choice will EASILY integrate and work well with the other tools involved.

As a consequence ease of interaction becomes a very important factor to consider.

More and more online course platforms available out here, tend to integrate as many components as possible.

It is for this feature that many people rave about Kajabi. But can it really replace all 6 parts I have listed above?

We will discuss in some more details this question in our next week’s post where we will compare my Top five online course platforms.

The Cost of the platform

Even though the cost should not be the decisive factor for choosing a solution, the cost of an option can be greatly influence by the budget we have available for that solution. In terms of platforms, various options are available, going from free hosting to many thousands in yearly cost. The more you “ technology – geek” you are, the more you could benefit of the less costly options.
I would also love to mention that some platform may seem less costly but when other factors are taken into consideration like, the percentage taken by the platform provider on each transaction, the cost of setup of the integration cost add a non negligible amount to final cost leaving you less in your pocket.

So when you will be doing your comparison grid, in the column of cost, make sure to integrate ALL the others costs.

Includes or seamless integration with a payment solution

After you have developed your wonderful course and it is published, ready for your audience, it should be easy for them to purchase the course.

It should be easy for you as well to set up the payment. If long weeks are required to configure secured payments of the course on your platform. Maybe you choose to go ahead and hire an IT consultant to complement the configuration of the payment solution and the bills charged are ten times or more what you planned.

In general, at this level, many prefer to freeze the project and put any remaining budget in the marketing of the books they have already published.

Technology should work for you and never be a show stopper from achieving the goals you set or the projects you want to make happen.

Do not allow the technology to stop you from becoming a teaching author who has a greater reach and achieve bigger impact. Therefore think, research and compare before making the choice of the platform for your course.

In my Book2Course Program, we go in detail on the various platform and provide you with a decision making tool that guides you in the selection of the platform that is right for your specific case.

If you would like to know more about the program, Register for the free webinar, where we will discuss 3 easy steps to turn your published book into an online course without getting drowned in the process.

As promised, I will share with you my cheat sheet on the top five online course platforms with their advantages, disadvantages and some things to consider if you choose to go with them.

What do you think about these parameters to consider before making your choice?

If you already have a published course, what made you select one instead of others?

Your comments and insights are highly waited.

With much love,

Judith Glory