2018 s’en est allé avec son lot de peines, inquiétude et d’échec mais aussi avec son lot de réalisations, de victoires et de succès.

En ce début de l’an 2019, tu peux choisir de lui donner ton meilleur, de faire de cette année, la meilleure que tu aies vécue, le choix est entièrement le tien.

Je suis reconnaissante de t’avoir dans ma vie car tu es une personne si formidable à connaître.

Tu ne le sais peut-être pas, mais tu distilles un parfum unique, qui sent si bon, qui guérit, qui donne de l’espoir et le désir de continuer à d’autres.

Ce parfum, toi seul en connais les ingrédients secrets, toi seul peut offrir ce parfum particulier…


Tu es un être exceptionnel, merveilleux, avec d’énormes talents et potentiel.

Ta famille,tes proches, ton travail, ta communauté, le monde a besoin de ton parfum.


S’il te plait, ne nous prive pas de ce parfum de qualité supérieure et exceptionnelle.


En 2019, veux-tu dire OUI pour distiller ce parfum a autant de personnes que possible ?


Et en le faisant, apporter couleur, transformation et joie dans la vie de ceux qui t’entourent?


Veux-tu dire OUI pour faire briller ta lumière en 2019? Je serai là à attendre pour t’aider à faire ressortir tout votre éclat.


Bonne année 2019!


Avec beaucoup d’amour, Judith Glory


Hi there,

A few weeks ago, I launched my new book, Woman of Influence: 10 Easy Steps to Reach the Top and Inspire Your Peers.

With your help, the book could achieve the bestseller status on Amazon. Thank you!

For just a few days again you can grab a copy of the book for just 99 cents.

This means you only have a few days to take advantage of this opportunity to help yourself or any woman you know, learn how to reach the top and create a positive influence where she is.


To help you reach the top and be a positive change agent, I add to the insight in the book, here comes a  special bonus to help you achieve that positive influence, to access your bonus:

I have no doubt that you will enjoy knowing your special advantage that is unique to you and that fascinate people around you.

Can you imagine how you would glow at work, in your church, your not for profit organization or any other social community where you are actively involved, knowing exactly how people perceive you, the thing they find so special about you?

Since I discovered mine, I give more of it wherever I am; and people rave about the special trait of mine.

To know yours and learn how to use it, go to this private link https://portal.howtofascinate.com/you

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Feel free to share your comments and reviews of both the book and the bonus on my Amazon page: https://www.amazon.com/Woman-Influence-Steps-Reach-Inspire-ebook/dp/B07DJ7DFCB

I am really passionate, willing to give my best to motivate and help women tap into their potential, go for their dreams and achieve their career or business goals.

Some people wonder why I  keep the book at such a low price. I do this because I want as many people as possible, especially women make the choice to get all their potential out and make the best of it, I really want to help bring out all the glory in you. Maybe that is why my parents called me Glory!

If you have ideas or initiatives in this line, please feel free to connect and share.

For now, just a few more days to enjoy and bless as many women as possible with the book and the fascination bonus.
Now is your time to influence your life and that of as many women as possible using my book


I want nothing more than to see you succeed. Grab my new book and start your journey today!


With much love,

Judith Glory

fascinateHave you ever noticed how a young man, who knows a beautiful lady he is interested in, loves a certain character he has, will show her more of it in various ways? Think about the results he obtains as he keeps showing off that attracting trait of him…In most cases, he will have the lady fall for him.

In the same way, what would it look like if we knew we had a trait our dream company looks for in the candidates? Would it not help us improve our branding to that dream company of us with the final result being a better fit between us professionals and the corporation?
The Fascination Advantage® system developed by  Sally Hogsheads does just that, it measure measures how others perceive you at your best.

The Fascination Advantage® is a science-based personality brand measurement assessment. It tells you how your personality is most likely to impress and influence the people you interact with on a daily basis.  It allows you to discover the best of yourself through the science of fascination. It does this by determining your personality advantages.


The 7 fascination advantages

The Fascination Advantage assessment breaks your personality down into seven personality advantages; Innovation, Passion, Power, Prestige, Trust, Mystique, and Alert.

INNOVATION personalities are unconventional thinkers who can generate ideas that earn attention. By strategically applying their talent for creativity, they quickly solve problems with fresh and inventive solutions.

They fascinate by inventing creative solutions that challenge tradition.


PASSION personalities rapidly make emotional connections with others. They are approachable, and, even in positions of authority, are known for an unintimidating style. Their exuberance and honest emotion make them effective presenters of ideas and information.

They Fascinate by applying natural optimism and energy to instantly build relationships. They leverage high energy to “fire up” a person or team.


POWER personalities are natural leaders who are driven to identify goals and attain them. Notoriously high achievers, they are self-assured individuals, who earn the respect of their co-workers, customers, family, and peers.

They Fascinate by becoming the opinion of authority. They take control of situations rather than passively sitting back.


PRESTIGE personalities instinctively seek consistent improvement, higher goals, and tangible evidence of their success. They are motivated by clear rewards and the respect of their peers.

They fascinate by using admiration to raise their value of themselves and their company. They define new, higher standards for the group and help achieve that excellence through attention to detail.


TRUST personalities provide normalcy and comfort in chaotic environments. They carefully pay attention to detail, reinforcing consistency between expectations they set and results they deliver.

They fascinate by repeating and reinforcing patterns. They build relationships through dependability.


MYSTIQUE personalities fascinate others with their unusual ability to filter what they communicate. They thoughtfully edit their ideas and opinions, selectively choosing what to reveal and share. Because they don’t over communicate, they avoid sending distracting signals, making each detail more influential.

They Fascinate by focusing on results, no drama. They carefully select what to reveal.


ALERT personalities intensely watch details in order to deflect problems and avoid conflict.

They Fascinate by keeping keep the team focused on deadlines, structure and potential negative consequences. They maintain order by keeping things on schedule and under budget.


Can you see the power of this fascination system? I am totally in love and will surely write some more posts on the fascination advantage. For now, I am sure you wonder how you can manage to find out Your fascination advantage, right? I got you covered and got for you the link to take your fascination assessment.















Take the test, enjoy and why not come share in the comment your results.


With much love, Judith Glory


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