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Holidays’ season: Pain or play?


“I love this season of the year, there is so much love being shared. The lights, the good mood, it just looks like all around the world, there is an ambiance of love flowing around…”



“Are you serious Anna? You do enjoy this season of the year for real? I dread this time of the year. Sure, the lights, ambiance, and merriness in the air cannot be missed; but to me, the stress attached to this season outweighs the goods.

I have a large family you know. Just getting gifts for everyone is financial, physical and emotional stress. After you have found a way to manage to get something, you might face the dissatisfaction of the recipients.

And all the cooking that is made just be thrown in the trash in just a few hours after…

So many receptions to prepare or attend. I simply do not understand why this is called vacation, because I generally have less sleep than I have on working days.”



“Hey J. you are not going to continue in this line, spoiling the magic of this time of the year, wailing on the million things you must do. I can bet there is some good in it, that you might just be overlooking or not taking into consideration.

Is there anything during this time of the year when you smile, laugh or are happy?

During those receptions, don’t you have any good time?

What about the time, you kids receive their gifts…?”



“O sure yes, I love it when they wake up in the morning and rush under the x=Christmas three, the smile on their face when they find something they like or the shout they give you such as “ you are the most wonderful mum on the earth…”, this is a great time I enjoy .”



“Cool, that is one moment during the season that makes it worth it. During the reception, do you have the opportunity to dance and have fun? I know you use to enjoy parties and are a very good dancer …”



I still enjoy having a good time dancing, you know I always enjoy my Zumba class and at times during this season, you may bump into a party where I can dance just as much as when I was younger…Yeah, sometimes…



You see Jennifer, if we continue in this line, we will surely find many more things that make this time of the year, magic, worth enjoying and something not to miss. Maybe you find it heavy because of the fact you just keep your eyes on the harder parts of the deal. Maybe it is time to choose to look for, focus on o dwell on the good in all situation



Just like Anna and Jennifer, this holiday season may seem hard or magic depending on the portion of the cup you choose to keep your eyes on, the half-full or the half-empty.
The degree to which you enjoy the moment, the season, each moment of your life is influenced by the outlook YOU have of the situation.

As we take time with our families this time of the year, my invitation to you is to choose to look at the glass half-full.

This time of the year is a good opportunity to enjoy the blessings of good relationships. Call that friend, sister or relative that you have been thinking about. Why not even share a meal with them? Research on positive psychology shows that having a lot of such good times, contribute to a flourishing life.

You have no friends, family or relatives, check your local holidays’ activities, there are tons of opportunities for you to meet people and make new friends.

Please do not stay alone, reach out and connect with other people.

Just as you choose to look for, focus on or dwell on the good things you can be, do or have on this holidays season, I also invite you to make time to count your blessings, list all the good things that happened in 2019, be thankful to God, yourself and people who made it possible.

Choose to dwell in a place of gratitude where you acknowledge the good in your life and cultivate more of the actions yielding that good.

If you need a tool to help you list the good in all situations, check this worksheet.


If you already know how privileged and blessed you are but need some guidance for gratitude practice, check this gratitude journal that will guide you on how to build a gratitude habit


Happy holiday’s season


With much love,


Judith glory


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