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One year no stress.

twelve months to curb stress effects in our life.

In one year, I had the diagnosis of hypertension, obesity, and pre-diabetes. Therefore, I was added to the list of chronic patients to be closely monitored by my local clinic. Part of this monitoring included attending workshops where various issues related to chronic diseases were tackled.
Most of the people attending these workshops were retirees, what I use to consider older adults, and here I was taking the same classes with them. Did I tell you that at that time, I was not even forty years old, I was still to reach fifty years old, what I consider the first half of a normal life.

The situation caused me to ask myself the question of why am I diagnosed with “old people” sicknesses?


The journey to understand why I found myself with such chronic diseases, brought me to a place where I use journals to track how the application of positive psychology tools can help me better take care of my health.


The One year No Stress project is a journey I invite you to join me in.

Each month, we will focus on using One Tool from the positive psychology framework (PERMA-V).

Various interventions are possible for you to choose from.

Each day you will stop to set your intentions for the day, use the tools and later, journal on how it went.

Each stop to write in the journal will also be an opportunity for you to measure your vital parameters and stress level.

After a week, you have time to review:

  • you will evaluate the interventions that yield most results for you to continue to use them.
  • The review time will also be used to tweak your strategy.
  • You will also notice how your vital parameters are changing with the strategies you use.
  • After the days 30 days, you will see for yourself how the intentional application of these positive psychology tools helped you.


When I did this intervention with a gratitude journal, after the 30 days, I was off insomnia pills.
When I used the Mindfulness journal to get intentional and track my selected mindfulness activities, my blood pressure reduced, and I needed no Hypertension pills.


These are my results, and I am curious to see how it will work for you.


If you are interested in joining me for the One year No stress, 30 days challenges, Register here


I cannot wait to see you in the challenge.

Stay blessed in all regards as you take intentional actions to improve your life.