Welcome to this new episode of Glory4U, this podcast that is going to help get out the best version of you. It is all about you, it is all about helping you be aware of all the potential you have so that it can be pulled out, this podcast whose aim is for you is all about loving you more, to help you become more self-aware, know who you are and what you got as strengths, to grow and develop all the potential you have, simply put, to help get out all the glory in you.

Because here we believe that for you to be happy, for you to go from success and actually achieve significance you need to serve others.

So welcome to this other episode of Glory4U.

A little clarification before I continue, on that after the first batches of the programs, some of you found that the episode is sort of long, and a lot of material is covered. So looks like too many of you thought it is better to cut the different sections in different episodes.

So we will have more frequent episode but they will be shorter episodes as well, with a length which will be about 15 to 20 minutes maximum. But I can guarantee that with every episode there will be something for you to learn. And as always a worksheet made available for you to download and use. Because Glory4U is all about giving you tools and ways to apply into your life in Glory4U. We want you to move from just information in your head to information applied in your daily life. So welcome to this episode of Glory4U.


Today we will be talking about how do you react to failure? Deception or something of the sort that you have because of your own doing.

 Um, how do you love the topic? Well, we’ll look at how in general people react when there’s deception in their life and Some of the tools that psychology recommends as a better way to manage failure or deception.

In order to illustrate the topic, I will share some of a very recent experience of mine and as usual we will share some worksheets or some books that can really help for anyone interested in going further.

So without wasting more time, let’s dive right into the topic.


failforwardHow do you react to failure and deception?


Maybe before continuing, can you jot  down right now what you currently do, what is your process, activities or actions that you carry out to manage your deceptions.

? What do you do when you feel like things you planned do not go your way or you feel like you have failed, or you feel like you are not up to the standard or the up to what you wanted to achieve?

How do you personally react to that?


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Episode Title:
How do you react to failure?


Episode Description: 

How do you react when because of your choices, or errors, you fail to achieve a goal you had set?

In this episode we will look at the general ways we tend to react as human, then look at some tools that can be used to manage times of failures or setbacks in our life.


Books mentionned in this episode include :



Worksheets to help in this reflection made available at http://judithglory.com/podcast/


Episode Summary:

Learn how to use positive psychology to manage your failures and setbacks.