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Hello people it’s a girl Judith here.

You surely know or many of you know that I’m really interested I love creating courses

this is something that has been keeping me busy this last month and some of you especially authors,

you have written a book and then you want to turn it into an online course but it feels like woof it’s taking too much time

I got a lot of questions like “ which one are you using? kajabi think if we go teach a book so many of you are kind of you don’t know which platform to choose for your online course?

today I want to quickly kind of get you into thinking: why choose a platform instead of another.

I think it is great you first ask yourself why do I want to go with it instead of B or C. so in this very short video, I want to discuss about some requirements I think as an online course builder, you should take into consideration if you want to choose a platform that’s adequate for your project.

Ease of Use

First in order for the course to be created, the platform should ease the process for you. so many of you you are like I don’t even know where to start.

so if you want to choose a platform where you will put your online course, the minimum requirement should be that you be able to do it easily. so first the ease of use

Allows easy interactions with your students/learners.

I am all for people first, I am a people person, meaning technology, solutions, platforms and tools should allow us to meet as much as possible the need of our customers. It is for them, we want to reach them. Therefore if any tool we are considering does not favour or ease our interactions and connections with the people we are serving, I better get it our of my systems.

Because of this, it is relevant that the platform you choose eases the interactions you will have with your students. Your selected platform should be a platform that allows you to communicate easily with your students.

In case you already have another tool that handles the connectivity and engagement with your learners, check how easy your online course platform integrates with that engagement tool you already have.


Easy integration with other tools

Did I just mention the word integration? This is a very important point regarding the selection of your platform. In order to publish and sell your courses, there are these main tools that you need to have:

  1. Email marketing automation solutions
  2. Course creation tools
  3. Course hosting platforms
  4. Landing Page creation tool
  5. Payment solution
  6. Marketing solutions for the sale of your course.

Since the course platform is part of a bigger system, it is wise to ensure before selecting one platform to ensure our choice will EASILY integrate and work well with the other tools involved.

As a consequence ease of interaction becomes a very important factor to consider.

More and more online course platforms available out here, tend to integrate as many components as possible.

It is for this feature that many people rave about Kajabi. But can it really replace all 6 parts I have listed above?

We will discuss in some more details this question in our next week’s post where we will compare my Top five online course platforms.

The Cost of the platform

Even though the cost should not be the decisive factor for choosing a solution, the cost of an option can be greatly influence by the budget we have available for that solution. In terms of platforms, various options are available, going from free hosting to many thousands in yearly cost. The more you “ technology – geek” you are, the more you could benefit of the less costly options.
I would also love to mention that some platform may seem less costly but when other factors are taken into consideration like, the percentage taken by the platform provider on each transaction, the cost of setup of the integration cost add a non negligible amount to final cost leaving you less in your pocket.

So when you will be doing your comparison grid, in the column of cost, make sure to integrate ALL the others costs.

Includes or seamless integration with a payment solution

After you have developed your wonderful course and it is published, ready for your audience, it should be easy for them to purchase the course.

It should be easy for you as well to set up the payment. If long weeks are required to configure secured payments of the course on your platform. Maybe you choose to go ahead and hire an IT consultant to complement the configuration of the payment solution and the bills charged are ten times or more what you planned.

In general, at this level, many prefer to freeze the project and put any remaining budget in the marketing of the books they have already published.

Technology should work for you and never be a show stopper from achieving the goals you set or the projects you want to make happen.

Do not allow the technology to stop you from becoming a teaching author who has a greater reach and achieve bigger impact. Therefore think, research and compare before making the choice of the platform for your course.

In my Book2Course Program, we go in detail on the various platform and provide you with a decision making tool that guides you in the selection of the platform that is right for your specific case.

If you would like to know more about the program, Register for the free webinar, where we will discuss 3 easy steps to turn your published book into an online course without getting drowned in the process.

As promised, I will share with you my cheat sheet on the top five online course platforms with their advantages, disadvantages and some things to consider if you choose to go with them.

What do you think about these parameters to consider before making your choice?

If you already have a published course, what made you select one instead of others?

Your comments and insights are highly waited.

With much love,

Judith Glory

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  1. But one thing is for sure: this is a market to watch out for in the years to come. The list of five best online course platforms for all courses, IT and non-IT, is a shifting one. It could keep changing with time and with the wide-ranging changes that keep taking place in the industry. As the online teaching industry undergoes major changes, we can anticipate major shifts as technologies grow further and impact this field.

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